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Paws Sept 2012

Posted by Ron Baldwin on September 14, 2012 at 11:05 PM

MASS House Bill 952 that has been introduced

Posted by Ron Baldwin on May 19, 2011 at 8:37 PM

You might want to read this and then contact the Senate and House members below and have this killed in committe:

SECTION 7U of chapter 90 of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2004 Official Edition, is hereby amended by adding the following sentence:- "The use and sale of any exhaust pipe that increases the sound emission of any vehicle including motorcycles shall be prohibited. All motorcycle exhaust pipes must conform to 82dBA maximum noise level measured directly to the rear exhaust outlet at a distance of 12 inches. The angle of measurement shall not exceed 30 degrees. Sound measurements taken beyond 12 inches that exceed the requirements are not acceptable. Violation of said decibel level, or illegal retrofitting, will result in a license suspension for six (6) months and/or a fine not to exceed two hundred and fifty dollars ($250)."

Petitioner: Theodore C. Speliotis

Members appointed to the committee

Senate Chair

Thomas M. McGee

Senate Vice Chair

Jennifer L. Flanagan

House Chair

William M. Straus

House Vice Chair

Aaron M. Michlewitz

Senate Members

Karen Spilka

Michael F. Rush

Brian A. Joyce

Marc R. Pacheco

Robert L. Hedlund

House Members

James R. Miceli

Carl M. Sciortino, Jr

Denise Provost

Timothy R. Madden

Marcos A. Devers

Mark J. Cusack

Michael J. Finn

John J. Mahoney

Chris Walsh

Donald H. Wong

Steven S. Howitt

PAWS for a Cause

Posted by Ron Baldwin on May 17, 2011 at 6:42 PM

Email from Lori @ PAWS:

I wanted to thank you and the many members of the Boston Cruisers for their help, kindness and generosity yesterday in our goal. We did pretty well, under the circumstances and raised $185.10 total in addition to also all the donated food and litter. This was excellent, and we are so very grateful to you and everyone. The guys were great, so kind and helpful.. 

Stay in touch and let me know if there’s anything else you might need.

I’ll also email you once I learn more about the article we may publish.

Again, I’m not sure what was decided by our PR department. 

Enjoy your day and thank you again from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Warmest regards, Lori/PAWS

Scott Holloway - Director of Boston HOG

Posted by Ron Baldwin on October 19, 2010 at 6:05 PM

It is great sadness that I post this update on his passing today just after 4PM.

He was involved in a single bike accident on Route 1 in Saugus MA this past Saturday. 

Arrangements and further information to follow. 

Note from Dave Condon

Posted by Ron Baldwin on April 28, 2010 at 10:18 PM

FYI from Dave Condon:


Just another note. This from State Senator Bob Letourneau from the State of New Hampshire. You guys did good and made a difference.


Please pass these e mails on to anyone you would like to. Be proud.


In a message dated 4/27/2010 10:09:47 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:


MMA members,

Good work on this issue. This is an issue we need to keep working on it will not go away. But by stopping this in its tracks sends a strong message that we are willing to go to the mat when our freedom is challenged...


thank you for your efforts.



Voters reject bike exhaust bylaw | Peabody/Lynnfield Weekly News

Posted by Ron Baldwin on April 28, 2010 at 5:48 PM

by Jeff Shmase


LYNNFIELD – On paper, a Town Meeting article requiring motorcycles to have an exhaust system label didn’t appear worthy of much debate.


But instead, the proposed bylaw generated the most noise at Town Meeting on Monday as both proponents and opponents argued their cases. Ultimately, the article failed by a 2-1 margin.


Those on the winning side of the argument claimed the sticker is hard to locate on the motorcycle and thus would be practically unenforceable. Gene DiPaolo of Homestead Road said he owns three motorcycles but could only find one sticker on his bikes. A Main Street resident made a similar remark.


“It’s my understanding that if fines are levied and the (civil case) goes to court, they get thrown out,” DiPaolo said.


Prospect Avenue resident Jim Slattery, a member of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA), said while the organization recognized the rights of communities to keep down the noise affiliated with motorcycles, passing the article would have punished “law-abiding citizens.” Slattery said the city of Boston recently passed an ordinance similar to what Lynnfield was planning and since its passage not one fine has been issued.


New Planning Board member John Faria, a motorcycle enthusiast who is also an attorney, opposed the bylaw saying it imposed layers of government and the language was neither clear nor concise.


The bylaw called for a fine of $300 and “every day on which a violation of the bylaw occurs shall be punishable as a separate offense.”


A Williams Road resident, who is also a member of the (MMA) said her organization would like to work with the town on creating awareness and sound testing as it pertains to the noise generated from the motorcycle. She said the MMA worked with the town of North Reading and a community in New Hampshire on similar initiatives.


Proponents of the bylaw included Library Trustee Seavey Bowdoin, a 90-year-old Main Street resident, and Police Chief Joseph Dunn who worked on creating the article with resident Thomas Manning. Bowdoin said he finds the motorcycle noise “intolerable.”


Dunn said he needed the bylaw to pass to help his department respond to complaints he receives from residents and businesses.


“Passing this bylaw will help me make the town quieter,” Dunn said. “Motorcyclists don’t have the constitutional right to annoy people.”


Dunn said the pastor from the Centre Congregational Church told him it’s difficult to have a service at times because of the noise generated from motorcycles.

MMA UPDATE - Lynnfield EPA Bylaw defeated!

Posted by Ron Baldwin on April 28, 2010 at 7:08 AM

The Msssachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) was alerted to a town warrant to be heard Monday, April 26th in the Town of Lynnfield which would create a $300 fine for Motorcycle Exhaust not bearing an EPA stamp. With the support of MMA Members in the town leveraging MMA testimony as well as their own, the Town voted to defeat “Article 17” voting instead on what’s right and fair towards all.


Leveraging significant knowledge gained from combating the fallacy of the “EPA Stamp”, MMA Chairman Dave Condon and MMA Safety & Education Director Doc D’Errico worked closely with riders from the Town of Lynnfield who approached the MMA at a recent District Meeting through MMA District Manager Richard Schofield. Because of Lynnfield town bylaws, the MMA was not allowed to attend, much less speak at the annual town meeting, but was allowed to submit testimony via one of the town’s registered voters.


Of specific concern was that this specific bylaw was modeled very much after the Boston noise ordinance which remains unenforced since its implementation almost a year ago. To make matters worse, this issue, titled “Article 17” carried a $300 fine and was followed immediately by another “noise” article which addresses other sources by only carries a $25 fine! This discrimination cannot and will not stand!


Riders and MMA Members were briefed on the MMA history with this issue and were provided with 5 pages of MMA testimony on this issue. Armed for battle, several of the riders as town registered voters presented the MMA documentation and their own testimony; these riders included MMA and Cruiser Club Boston Members: Keven Raiche (CCB President), Karlene Kiddy (CCB Secretary), Mark Smallenberger (CCB Road Captain), and testimony was delivered by MMA Members, Jim Slatterly, Christine Smallenberger, and Gene Dipaolo (CCB Road Captain).


While many spoke on both sides of the issue, with some other riders and Lynnfield residents also speaking in support of Motorcyclists of Massachusetts, the voters of Lynnfield opted to avoid costly mistakes and instead support a more fair and just course of “education, not legislation”.


Rider Mark A. Smallenberger wrote, “With the tremendous support and assistance of the MMA we were able to successfully shoot down EPA Article 17; although a little heated, we ultimately won!” With support from Jim, Christine, and Gene, other town residents also spoke on behalf of the riders. Mark continued, “Thanks so much to the MMA for your support, as I have said before, without people like you the motorcycling community would not be able to enjoy the freedoms that we have. I wish more people understood what you guys are doing behind the scenes for them and join up.”


Chairman Condon wrote the riders, “You should all be very proud for standing up and defending the rights of all riders not just in Lynnfield but across the state.” Safety & Education Director D’Errico added, “while the MMA provided the tools, it was the vigilance and dedication of our members in Lynnfield who carried the day!”


For More Information, see or contact [email protected]


Massachusetts Motorcyclists' Survivors Fund Van

Posted by Ron Baldwin on March 28, 2010 at 9:58 AM

Paul Cote President of the MMSF ( bought the Survivors Van to the Spring 2010 Club Meeting held at Fuddruckers in Sagus MA to show us the new CCB Patch up on the van.