All rides will be posted here.

Sun. 6/23 9:00 AM Let's get together! Goodie Coles BBQ Kevin will be leading...
Sun. 7/7 9:00 AM KC Rib Shack

Graham will lead a ride ending at the KC Rib Shack in Manchester NH  KSU 9:00am

Sun. 7/14 9:00 AM Marjorie's furry critter ride

Marjorie will lead this ride to the Alpaca farm in Groton MA.  they got goats horses chickens guessed it .... alpacas.  

Sat. 7/20 9:00 PM MMA raffle bike drawing

Kevin will lead this ride to party and see who wins that beautiful blue bike.

Sun. 7/21 9:00 AM PAWS

at the honeydew

Sun. 8/4 9:00 AM Redneck Beer run

ok ya'll.  this is the big one.  as in, lead by the big redneck one himself, Don.  going to the Budwieser brewery for the car show then to Tortilla Flatts for Mexican food. 

Sun. 8/25 9:00 AM Tuckaway tavern

Graham will be leading this ride to the Tuckaway tavern.  KSU 9:00 am

Sun. 9/8 9:00 AM MUDBOWL

north conway NH lead by Jim Donnelly.  there will be mud....lots of mud.

here is a link to the event

Sun. 9/15 9:00 AM The Big E

It's a fair but HUGE, in springfield MA. leading this ride is Mr Pancakes himself Rob Kunz.

Sun. 9/22 9:00 AM Club picnic

the club picnic is back.  riding to stage fort Park in Gloucester.  

Sat. 10/5 7:00 PM Penny Richards fundraiser

evening event to raise money for nursing student scholarships.

Wed. 12/25 10:00 PM riddle

you get bonus points just for finding this one but, if you can figure it out and tell me (Don).  I will buy you a coffee.

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